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Vigo New Hospital

The new Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, designed by luis vidal + architects, has just opened its door in the city of Vigo (Galicia, Spain). Being one of the largest hospitals in Europe and most technologically advanced centres in the world, the premises meet all optimal criteria for flexibility and modularity, aimed for a state-of-the-art building of its characteristics.

​​​​​​​The hospital is the first certified with the international BREEAM for sustainable hospitales. One of its technological advances is the use of prismatic paint to cover large façade areas. This paint is characterized for its durability and colour intensity, as well as its capacity to change shade depending on the light and the viewing angle.

The study of the location has been key to the designing of the hospital, determining all factors as structure, materials, colours, textures and distribution of spaces. Following this criteria, the sequence of the landscape starting from the sea -represented by the outpatient building- flowing through the mountain –represented by the technical area- is connected by two spaces: the “spine” or block conceived as the “dock”, and the “sails” from the hospitalization building all connected to the main premises located over the outpatient offices.

The flow circuit runs through the central spine and through each specialized vertical core service.

The result is a building that stands out for its construction flexibility, but also for its human scale as it takes into account the needs of the patients, relatives and healthcare staff. The circulation flow is set direct and intuitively, eliminating all residual areas and thus reducing stress for the patient during transfers. The space optimizes the use of natural light and present in the landscape, plus accelerating the healing process of the patient through therapeutic gardens, together with a well-studied combination of colours and accoustics.

The Hospital has been named Hospital of the Future, by the Design and Health Academy Awards in Kuala Lumpur. The hospital has been designed under the criteria of in a new typology for the twenty first century: the airport-hospital concept, which was developed by luis vidal + architects.

Premio 2012 Future Health Project de la International Academy for Design & Health


MalasiaFuture Health Project of International Academy for Design & Health, Malasya.


Place/Date: Vigo, 2010-2015
Client: Ute Novo Hospital de Vigo / JV Novo Hospital de Vigo
Budget: 238 M € (PEC, CC), 287,98 M € (PEC + IVA, CC + VAT)
Surface: 297.234 m² (190.272 m² hospital +106.962 m² car park)
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects / Vicente Fernández-Couto / Jacobo Rodríguez-Losada
Contributors: Idom Ingeniería
Project Status: Built
Team: João Abreu - María Astiaso - David Ávila - Tatiana Blas - Eva Couto - Marta Cumellas - Alba del Castillo - José Benito Fernández - David Fernández Feito - Jose Luis Fernández-Morais - Isabel Gil - Carlos González - Carolina Hernández - Jóse Miguel Ibañez - Julio Isidro Lozano - Humberto Martínez - Lourdes Moreno - Héctor Orden - Carlos Peña - Martín Rivas - Francisco Rojo - Santiago Sánchez - Manuel Sánchez de Ocaña - Francisco Sanjuan - Javier Torrado - Oscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal - Álvaro Mayoral - Javier Aguirre - Patricia Allona - Paz Armenta - Nick Axel - Zelia Da Costa - David Fernandez Llompart - Susanne Forner - Magdalena García de durango - Laura Herreros - Javier Palacios - José Parejo - Pedro Portillo - Giovanni Pulcioni - Javiera Riquelme