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Focus Abengoa

This proposal is based on the following strategies and concepts:

1. The programmatic strategy is based on two very simple premises: a homogeneous distribution of the program into three blocks on a public and green mass of molten rock, with a clear autonomy between the different programs.

2. The environmental strategies taken into account involve optimum contact with the ground and the air. The premises are: the site goes down a few meters, creating a vast green area with reasonable distance between the building and its surroundings; and the “oasis” is covered with a technological skin that contributes to the air flow under the building, creating a microclimate.

3. The spatial concept is generated from a model defined by volumes that surround this green and public interior space: the OASIS.

4. This concept is governed by the fundamental premise of spatial flexibility that allows the change of use or the partial or total redistribution of the spaces.

A green and public interior space; an oasis


Place/Date: Seville, 2007-2008
Client: Abengoa
Budget: Confidential
Surface: Not available
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects / RSH + Partners
Contributors: -
Project Status: Tender
Team: Patricia Allona - María Álvarez-Santullano - María Astiaso - David Ávila - Stepen Barrett - Stuart Blower - Pablo Codesido - Luis Colino - Eva Couto - Esther Crespo - Marta Cumellas - Almudena de Benito - David Fernández-Feito - Claudia García Nieto - Jason García - Isabel Gil - Lennart Grubb - Iván Harbour - Amo Kalsi - Marcin Koltunski - Juan Laguna - Jugatx López Amurrio - Carmen Márquez - Irene Méndez - Mariola Merino - Héctor Orden - María Ortega - Javier Palacios - Almudena Pérez - Bárbara Pérez - Richard Rogers - Francisco Rojo - Irene Rojo de las Heras - Roberta Sartori - Amelia Seisdedos - Gentaro Shimada - Simon Smithson - David Sobrino - Graham Stirk - Óscar Torrejón - Paloma Uriel - Josefina Vago - Veronica Van Kesteren - Laura Vega - Luis Vidal - Laura Villa